Thursday, April 7, 2011


So much has been on my mind these past few months, thoughts of the future, thoughts of others, thoughts of myself... and the same redundant question that noone can answer, "Why?"
Slap why after any given fact and the fact seems to lose its air of importance immediatly, The earth revolves around the sun, why? what is the functional purpose of it? from a creatoinist standpoint, no answer can exist, since God could have made us without the need for light or energy, and even if we do need those things, he could have caused us to generate our own. From a scientific standpoint, simply questioning the everyday fact that the earth revolves around the sun is utterly absurd. After all, we've proved it... yeah in our own terms. our knowledge is totally biased and ultimately meaningless. Take time as an example, our concept of time functions only on earth because it is based on seasons changing, its all relative, relatively arrogant to think our race actually knows something compared to the infinite potential of the universe. Its almost haunting and soul-deadening to stop and consider how utterly insignificant our lives are compared to the vastness of the universe. Taken out of context, our live's greatest acheivements are nothing more than a passing phase, an indescernable blip in universal history meshed between other equally indescernable blips.

Stay focused on your little life, because if you step back and look at the big picture... you might go blind.


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