Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top 10 things that piss me right the fuck off.

Well i thought i was way overdue for some typical blog bitching, so here we go!

10) When someone ruins a joke by explaining it.
If someone is too slow-witted to get it the first time, explaining it to them a second time will just piss off the people who did get it. It's stupid to do so since you are targeting either one person (hopefully...) and slowing down the pace for their sake to the detriment of everyone elses enjoyment. Remember having to slow down in algebra because three people passing notes or jerking around in class weren't paying attention? Yeah, it sucked ass becuase it made you feel like you were being dragged down to their level.

Which reminds me of:

9) Elitist assholes.
These are the people that equate success with income and happiness with having more, Its a shame that simply believing that is robbing them of the main source of happiness for most people, having friends and /or people that accept you and like you for who you are. Noone really liked that one jocky asshole in highschool that constantly put his fellow athletes down to make himself look better, and nobody likes someone who just constantly brags about the stupid shit they've acquired because of how great they are. They constantly remind you how shitty you are, when in reality,  if they didn't, you'd realize that they have no personality and no real empathy. Theres only one sentence that elitists cant stand to hear: "Who gives a shit?"

8)People who hold 1-sided conversations.
Seriously, fuck off. I'm not going to just sit there and reflect your own bullshit back to you. Especially when I don't give a shit about what you're talking about and never will.

7)People who never shut up about getting "stoned".
While the plant itself is beneficial, you running your mouth about is not. These people have nothing more interesting to add to the conversation other than their antics yesterday, Don't get me wrong, that's perfectly fine as long as: I know you well,you rarely mention it, and if you have some relevant information afterwards.
This goes right back to me hating elitism, They talk about it in a way that sounds like bragging, instead of informing or engaging.

 6)Lesbians that I'm interested in.
Theres nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect girl and having her sexuality shoot you out of the water. You can convert them back to at least bisexual, but its altogether too much work.

5)Being given irrelevant information.
Did you know that Robofish appears in all three timesplitters games? well now you do, and you don't need to know. So while you're left thinking: "what the heck is a robofish?" Your mind is distracted from the task at hand.

4) Fake-ass ice cream.
Theres nothing more disgusting than biting into one of these rancid fudgesickles just to be disapointed by the concoction of what seems to be non-dairy creamer and corn syrup frozen on a stick.

3) People who whine about their life (and don't do anything that promotes positive change)
We all know these sniveling pricks that just can't do anything right in their own eyes. They are natural pessimists and drag everyone else down with them. those assholes. In reality, nothing happens for these people because they aren't even trying.

2) The price of merchandise is rising, while the quality is dropping.
I went to wal-mart the other day, they wanted 20 dollars for a shirt as thin as fucking paper, and it was cotton, not silk or anything like that. Look around you, quantities of meat in restaraunt meals are shrinking while the price goes up and even increases.

1) The Game.
You just lost it.